Is a software of the American publisher Hyland software ranked leader for more than 8 consecutive years by the main analysts of the market (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, AIIM, etc.).
OnBase® automate your processes, manage all your content in a secured location, and also integrate himself to your business applications to get the information you need, when you need it , and wherever you are. Once you have taken control of your information, OnBase also gives you a full visibility into the status of processes, documents, and information while managing document retention requirements.
The particularity of OnBase lies in its ability to address with a single product all the documentary issues (physical/digital) of a company and this with a reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) compared to other market solutions such as Microsoft or open-sources.

Kodak Capture Pro

Offers automatic scanning and indexing. It includes a wide range of features and advanced features, making it easy to turn documents into actionable date.


Solutions ABBYY

Enables character recognition (OCR) and data capture (LAD-RAD) for the use of information in EDM, automatized business processes and other enterprise applications.

Solutions A2ia

are specialized in complex handwriting recognition, document classification, capturing and retrieving mobile and server data.


Silent Cube

It is the first storage medium developed for long-term secure legal archiving of data. This innovative system guarantees the protection of the data thanks to maximum security and an unprecedented scalability.


Is a company created since 1998. Based in the USA, TekCore works with Fortune 500 companies and develops software solutions for companies worldwide for the physical tracking of mail and parcels. TekCoren solution is easy to use and can adapt to various applications. It uses the latest barcode and RFID technologies while allowing tracking of non-coded packages including mobile scanners and PDCs.



Mastering Microsoft technologies is essential to support end-to-end implementation of our ECM/GED projects (Databases, OS and Infrastructure) .Our engineers our certified on the main Microsoft layers: Framework .NET, Windows Server, SQL Server.