About Us

TRUSTWARE is an IT company specialized in software technologies.
We propose to our partners the best products of the market for digital transformations.

TRUSTWARE is a company of GDEXPERT Group. We are Master VAR (Value added Retailer) of many solutions which are the world’s market leaders. Our role is to recruit, animate, certify integrator partners and to closely follow them up in their projects.

Our Vision

Develop a long-term relationship of proximity and trust with our partners and customers.

Our Missions

1- Improve the Performance of companies and organizations through efficient and effective management of information whatever its nature and type.

2- Help companies and organizations to better manage records: search, retention and security in accordance with the regulatory and legal requirements applicable to them.

Our Values

1- Integrity: without which it is impossible to consider a long-term relation with our clients and partners.

2- Professionalism: We make a point of honor to the training and the certification of our engineer on our products and solutions selected among market leaders.

3- Service: We are at the service of organizations with the main objective of responding to their needs with a high level of quality. Our commitment to every mission is to create Business value for our Partners and Customers.